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On this tablet, we found it easier to create consistently faint, medium, or dark lines and to go from one extreme to the other by varying the pressure we put on the pen. Although some other tablets offered twice as much pressure sensitivity—8, levels versus 4, on the Intuos S—in practice we were better able to control line weights and thickness with the Wacom tablets.

The Intuos S is a small tablet, with a 6-by The drawing surface is also a bit textured, so it feels natural, like using a pencil on paper. The Intuos S pen is comfortable to hold for long drawing sessions, but it lacks the softer grip of the pen of the Intuos Pro or the Huion Plus. This pen is about as thick as a typical ballpoint pen but closer in weight to a Sharpie. Because the Intuos S pen is battery-free, you never have to charge it. The pen has a storage compartment for spare nibs and a nib extractor inside, and it comes with three extra standard nibs.

The Intuos S, like all Wacom tablets, lets you customize the pen and tablet to a much greater extent than the other tablet brands we tested.

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In the pen settings, for example, you can set the tip feel or pressure sensitivity. This is like choosing between a soft 2B pencil, which leaves a lot of graphite on the page, and a harder 2H pencil, which leaves lighter, cleaner lines and requires more force to make a mark. And you can even customize those options by individual program—an option not available on any of the other tablets we looked at. The Intuos S has four tablet keys, fewer than other tablets in this price range, which can have up to If you rely on such buttons frequently for keyboard shortcuts, this positioning might be an issue, but we think most beginners will use the pen more than the tablet keys.

The Intuos S cannot connect wirelessly. If you want more space to draw or paint on, get the larger Huion Plus. The Plus features a large, by The Plus performed well in our tests, with no lag and only one glitch: The pressure sensitivity stopped working in Photoshop, but reinstalling the driver fixed it. Drawing on this tablet felt natural, and we could smoothly vary our line weight and opacity in all of the art programs we tested.

The Wacom tablets had better pressure sensitivity and control in our tests, allowing us to draw the exact same line consistently and to gradually taper lines in Photoshop. The Huion model has a much smoother tablet surface than the Intuos; the pen glides in a way that feels more like drawing on a glossy iPad screen than on paper.

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The 10 Best Drawing Tablets - The Architect's Guide

We were unable to test this claim, but charging the pen with the included USB cable should be only an occasional inconvenience. Huion includes a pen cap and a stand that houses four nib replacements. No company so far has matched Wacom in support and customizability; with the Plus, however, Huion offers the best customization of the Wacom alternatives. We were initially skeptical of the difference between the Intuos Pro and the entry-level Intuos tablet since they use similar hardware—though the Pro has 8, levels of pressure sensitivity, built-in Bluetooth, and multitouch.

But we found the Intuos Pro to be the most precise and accurate of the graphics tablets we tested. After using all the tablets, every panelist identified the Intuos Pro as the higher-priced tablet—it felt that much better. The medium version has an 8. The Intuos Pro also comes in a large version with a The battery-free pen was the most comfortable one we tested, and its rubber coating at the bottom provided great grip.

You can even turn the pen to use the end as an eraser—an unexpected feature our testers loved. In addition to eight customizable keys, the Intuos Pro has a radial menu called the Touch Ring that you can use to scroll, rotate a canvas, zoom in or out, change brush size, or change layers. With 4, levels of pressure sensitivity, it was as easy to use as the non-Bluetooth model when we tested it wirelessly on Windows and Mac.

It has a wired USB connection, too. The Huion HPro is a popular large tablet with more than 1, reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of four out of five stars at this writing. But it has fewer keys than the Huion Plus and a more outdated design. Another large tablet, the XP-Pen Star 06 offers built-in wireless connectivity via a USB dongle, but we were unable to get the wireless to work on Mac or Windows, and support was unable to help.

Otherwise, the Star 06 has a style and feel similar to that of the Wacom Intuos Pro it even has a scroll wheel , but we found double-clicking with the pen on Mac and making faint lines in Photoshop difficult. The stylus also felt cheap—we could feel the seams on the pen—and we experienced glitches with the tablet mapping to only part of the screen in wireless mode.

The large XP-Pen Star 03 gave us trouble with controlling the pressure sensitivity—we could create very faint or very dark lines, but not gradients in between. We tried reinstalling the driver to fix the issue but ran into multiple installation errors. But unlike the other tablets, the A had a surface that easily scratched under a fingernail. Microsoft Surface Book 2 review.

Not specified with optional Apple Pencil Connections: The Pencil now offers magnetic docking and new workflow-improving shortcuts, such as double-tapping to switch modes.

The Best Drawing Tablets 12222 – Our Most Recommended Graphics Tablets

Android 8. It's always a treat when you don't have to pay extra for the stylus, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with its pen already in the box — an extremely welcome touch, especially given that this is the most expensive Android tablet yet, at a price on par with the iPad Pro.

Just as with Samsung's previous tablets, the drawing experience is smooth and satisfying; you'll find yourself gliding away in no time. There is a decent range of drawing apps and programs available for Android as well, though iOS still has the slight edge in this regard. Samsung's Dex software, designed to emulate a computer desktop, means the tablet is also useful for general productivity. A great all-purpose option, albeit an expensive one.

If you can't think of a better way to spend a day than holed up in the studio creating gorgeous digital paintings then this is a terrific buy. It's easy to set up just the way you want it, with 10 shortcut keys that can be customised to streamline your workflow. However, if you like to create on the move then this isn't the one for you, given that it weighs more than 1.

Best Drawing Tablets For Graphics, Illustrations and Digital Art – 12222

Wacom Pro Pen 3D A third button may not sound much of an innovation, but it enables the Pro Pen 3D to support pan and zoom in three dimensions, giving 3D artists unfettered navigation at their fingertips. Wacom Inking Pen For that traditional feel, the Inking Pen enables you to place a sheet of paper on your Wacom tablet then draw onto it with ink, while the tablet captures your drawing movements at the same time.

The Inking Pen is only for Intuos tablets: The nib, combining a fine-point tip with a plastic circle to register on the tablet screen, looks curious but works well in practice. Broadly speaking, there are three main types of drawing tablet. Each takes a different approach to the central challenge of helping you draw on your Windows PC or Mac as if you were drawing on paper. Graphics tablets The traditional drawing tablet features a flat, featureless surface that you draw on with a stylus, with the image displayed on a computer monitor. Graphics tablets remain the most affordable drawing tablet category.

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Pen displays Pen displays consists of a flat-screen monitor with a pressure-sensitive surface that you draw on with a stylus. They don't have the sense of disconnect experienced with graphics tablets, are more portable and cost more. Jump to the best pen display tablets. You don't need another computer: If I were to get an S3, do you think it could be as good as the Tab A? Thank you. However when it comes to drawing on these tablets, both of them features pressure sensitivity and according to me the drawing experience on both these tablets is almost same.

However, along with your drawing work if you want to experience latest specifications, services and bright AMOLED display then you can definitely go with the Galaxy Tab S3, it is one of the best Android tablets out in the market. Drawing is becoming more fun as technology continues to advance. Artists are moving from the old ways of drawing on paper to now using a tablet to sketch and draw their arts.

Both the variants are almost identical. The only difference I could notice is of screen size and screen resolution. The smaller However, I would recommend getting a tablet with p screen at least. How do you feel about the Yiynova series? Both of these have the highest recommendations when I research alternatives to Cintiqs. Now, let me clear your doubt between the price difference of GT and GT Moreover, the GT features 14 Express Keys and Touch Bar on the front which can really maximize your efficiency and workflow.

Due to its light-weight portable design and express functionalities, I think the GT is priced quite higher than its bigger version. Hi I am looking for a graphics tablet for my 12 year old daughter who has requested one for Christmas. I know next to nothing about them. She does a lot of pencil sketching of animals and people, particularly life-like dinosaurs and fictional anime-type characters. Of course, with her being 12, I am not looking for a top of the line model. The one preference she seems to have is that she be able to see her work on the tablet screen as she draws.

I assume this makes sense to you…. Thank you! It has The S-Pen which comes included within the package has pressure sensitivity which will enable your daughter to draw a variety of lines depending on the amount of pressure she applies, just like drawing with real pen and paper. Not just drawing, your daughter can do a lot more things with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. For instance, if she has interest in cooking, then she can learn recipes from YouTube. Moreover, there are a lot of educational contents available online with which your daughter can learn things on her own. I too have a 12 year old daughter who is asking for one of these types of devices.

She is also on the Yearbook staff at school. I was thinking that the Surface Pro 4 might be a great option because she could also use it as a laptop? Last year we bought her a drawing device that hooks to her laptop…she has to look at the computer screen as opposed to the device she is drawing on ….

This year she is asking for a Artisul D10 — Do you know anything about this product? If so…. Like Wendy, I would rather not spend a fortune since she is only 12, but I do want to get her something that is functional, as this is her passion. Hello Jill, The Artisul D10 is a good drawing tablet for beginners as well as experts and I would really recommend it to your year old daughter.

It is mentioned in our bonus recommendations for artists section at the end of our guide. You can learn more about its features and specifications there. Thanks guys — the Wacom is a bit pricey for a 12 year old. If she sticks with drawing, then maybe in the future. I mentioned to her in a round about way the Samsung Tab A and she seems to think that will be perfect!

Hello, I have a problem deciding on a tablet I should buy for myself. What would be your suggestion? Is the Huion product better if my main focus is on drawing and painting? Hello Alex, Well, that depends on what program you use for drawing. For instance, if you use Adobe Illustrator, then it might not give all functionalities and tools on Tab S3 that it gives on Desktop, meaning on Tab S3 you will be limited to selected tools and functions, whereas on Huion GT which connects to Desktop will give you access to all the necessary functions enabling you to draw even more efficiently.

If you do basic artwork then Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 should be fine, which will not only satisfy your drawing needs but other needs too. However, if you decide to go deep into the Drawing and Graphics Designing in future then I would personally recommend you to go with the Huion GT which has levels of pressure sensitivity which will probably give you 4X accuracy than the Tab S3 for drawing along with full access to drawing programs. The Huion GT is highly versatile and is mainly focused on drawing and graphic designing purpose, whereas the Tab S3 is partially focused on drawing.

Hi I wa t to buy a drawing tablet for my daughter she is wanting it for collage, she is in to art and tooning I wa ting something that will go e her the best in all areas she might find herself. Hello Julie, There are a lot of drawing tablets available in the market with different specifications and features. Please be specific about the requirements, like what programs she will be using in college and what type of tablet she wants for drawing so that I can recommend the best one!