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  1. Resizing a Mac Drive Partition with Disk Utility
  2. Resize Partitions in Mac OS X with Disk Utility
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Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated November 11, The difference between hard drives, partitions, and volumes.

Resizing a Mac Drive Partition with Disk Utility

How to resize, add, or delete volumes. A Mac with OS X This guide will work with OS X Do not attempt to use earlier versions of Disk Utility for this process. One or more drives whose volumes you wish to resize, add to or delete. Volumes are most often made up of a single hard drive partition that contains a Mac file system. When you partition a hard drive, you physically create separate sections on the drive ; each of these sections is called a partition.

A partition defines a specific area of a hard drive. Data can be erased in multiple ways. The default method on the Mac deletes the data table entries for the location of the file but does not actually remove the file itself from the hard drive or volume. The practical effect of this is that your Mac no longer sees the file, and the space it uses is now marked as available free space. You can also specify optional erase options that will completely remove the data.

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Resize Partitions in Mac OS X with Disk Utility

Your Mac can use five different types of formats: Current drives and volumes will display in a list pane on the left side of the Disk Utility window. Volumes are listed below their associated physical drive. Select the drive associated with the volume you wish to expand. Select the volume listed immediately below the volume you wish to expand. Disk Utility will display a confirmation sheet listing the volume you are about to remove.

Make sure that this is the correct volume before taking the next step. Select the volume you wish to expand. Grab the right-hand bottom corner of the volume and drag to expand it. Disk Utility will display a confirmation sheet listing the volume you are about to resize. Disk Utility will resize the selected partition without losing any of the data on the volume. Volumes are listed below their associated hard drive. Select the existing volume that you wish to split into two volumes. Disk Utility will dynamically display the resulting Volume Scheme, and show how the volumes will be configured once you apply the changes.

Disk Utility will display a confirmation sheet that lists how the volumes will be changed. Volumes are listed below their associated drive.

Select the existing volume you wish to delete. Did you ever get an answer? You can see at the bottom of the window in the information if that is the case for your partition.

Resolved - I can't resize my 2nd partition on my MacBook Pro | MacRumors Forums

These type of partition are the ones that are used for booting a system. Yes thats right. Any application cannot be applied to resize the boot volume of the current system. It must be attached as an external hard drive to resize the boot volume. Well , a few days ago I have tried the Stellar Partition manager successfully.

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Was looking for some partitioning information and stumbled across this posting. I tried out of curiosity and it works perfectly fine. I did this on my boot volume system partition while running applications without any issue I could partition. But you can free up 50gb and create a new partition to make it 2x50gb and 2xgb.

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It has nothing to do with master boot record. Thanks to John!!! Hi, I got a question as simply as it gets about Disk utility. So now I want to delete the Windows 7 partition and enlarge the main partition so that I just have one partition of ,00 GB long. Thank you very much in advance. Just remember to back up your Mac beforehand just in case something goes wrong, which there is always a chance of when editing file systems and partitions. No loss of data on the Mac OS partition unless something goes really wrong power failure, for example.

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You just plain need a backup. Removing any partition removes all files on that partition. Sorry to say the obvious, but someone may need to know. The issues arises when we decrease one partition and try to merge that free space into another one. I did the job with Stellar Partition manager, without any extra effort. I have done this more than one on more than one Mac, so I strongly disagree. Has anyone run into issues with the new 3T drives? I followed all of these steps recently in order to split my drive up to where BootCamp could work with it needs to be 2.

First of all, I started off trying to split the 3T into two 1. That should have left enough for Bootcamp to use disk0s4. Instead, Disk Utility gave me one G and one 2. AND, there was no option to resize. I did, and now I can neither resize the old partition or add the second one back. I was able to get it down to about GB and that by moving all my data off to an external drive — no sweat there. The drive has been in use for SOME time now with no specific defragmenting or anything on my part.

Use Disk Utility to Add, Delete, and Resize Existing Volumes

I followed several success stories for the setup and everything connected and booted up fine. I went into the Disk Utility and began the partition resize of my 1TB to get it down to the GB mark to leave some headroom for the unknown. I hit apply and away she went. I am now on hour 92 of shrinking the partition.

How to resize your bootcamp partition without deleteing windows. Disk partitioning

I have had many other things to do so letting it run has not been an issue… but, I am ready to get on with this and put it back in use. I am concerned of stopping it but, does anyone know if it should be taking this long or do you thing something is pooched???? If I stop it what is the real risk and likelihood of causing more harm or losing the disk data entirely??? Thanks for this tip.. I had to enable journaling for the triangle to appear..

Thanks for sharing the solutions, I have tried to resizing the partition but its now being it has stucked on some verifying hirarchy while resizing and get error. Please help. It has two 3tb drives in it. Can I merge them together as one 6 TB disk? Thank You Jeff Aspnes. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Jasper van den Bergen says: