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For the entry-level model, that was it. Every Power Mac G5, including the last generation, has two 3. When buying a Rev.

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When it comes to SSDs, data is managed differently than on a hard drive. When you write data to a hard drive, it is free to write over any unused sector on the hard drive. There is no need to wipe the old data; the new data simply overwrites it. But SSDs manage data differently, using pages and blocks sets of pages. When writing data to an SSD, you can write to any unused page, but you cannot write to a used page until it has been erased — and that only happens at the block level.

When the operating system attempts to write to an invalid free but not yet erased page, the SSD rewrites all of the valid pages in that block to a new block, adds the new data to empty pages in that block, and marks the entire original block for erasure. Garbage collection is the process of zeroing out the block that is no longer being used, which is sometimes handled in the background by the SSD itself.

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In the best case, the SSD will do all of the zeroing in the background when it is not otherwise busy writing data. Mac OS X This helps reduce the number of erase cycles, which are limited for solid state memory, and provides for more efficient data writes and less moving data from one page to another. But if you want to, SandForce will let you. SandForce began as its own company in , was acquired by LSI in , and has been part of Seagate since First generation SandForce controllers are not fully compliant with the SATA specification and are incompatible with the Intel Haswell processors used in some and all Macs.

The Quicksilver and Quicksilver used the same modules. The FireWire model uses PC memory in its 1.

AGP G5 Video Cards

With the Power Mac G5, Apple greatly simplified things. The 1. All of the other pre-dual-core models use PC memory, making it easy to mix and match memory modules among machines. Except for the 1. A couple weeks ago I picked up 12 used Power Mac G5s for free, and I already had five at home, including one dual-core machine. One of these has no power supply I bought a single CPU model for less than a used power supply for my dual processor G5 would have cost me. But except for the three 1. Further, I can readily swap drives and video cards, giving the fastest machines better configurations.

In my book, the fastest machines should have the most RAM, and I now have two 2. I have four 2. Again the newer machines will have more RAM installed than the older ones, probably 2. One 7,3 will have a Radeon , the other a Pro, and one of the 7,2 machines will also have a Pro. The other will have one of four GeForce FX video cards. That takes care of 6 Power Macs. I have two 1. If you don't want to fit a new hard drive yourself, you can take advantage of the MacUpgrades Installation Service.

Add the installation service from the list below to your cart along with your chosen hard drive. We can also clone your existing hard drive onto the new one, simply add the Clone Original Hard Drive service below to your cart. Once you have booked the service, send your machine to us, we will carry out the work and return it to you. Alternatively, we do offer a Collection Service with our courier, please see here for details. Turn off Machine, open side door.

Use latch to the rear of the drive chassis to release the side panel.

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Remove plastic grill by pulling gently upwards and outwards. The hard drive caddie is located on the top of the case and has space for an additional drive in the caddie. The special screws required to hold the drive in place are located to the left of the drive caddy.

Remove caddie by pulling the release lever to the side. Disconnect the cable and insert new drive to chassis. Set jumpers accordingly and connect up all cables. Restart machine and initialise the drive. These new cards offer fantastic gaming and professional outputs across many monitors. Install software. Locate brown AGP socket and remove holding screw.

Power Mac G5 - nVidia 6800 GT upgrade!

Replace card with new Card - If you are unsure call or email our team. Install software, Turn off Machine, open side door. Locate a free PCI-X socket and remove holding screw. Apple's own instructions can be found here.

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Listed below are power supplies, batteries and related products we supply for this Mac. Any complete machines of this type or similar that we have for sale are listed here. Please note that these are refurbished models with a 3 month warranty, and that delivery is likely to take 3 - 5 working days. These can be purchased online with the standard website courier delivery charge for the mainland UK only. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to other areas. Here are the various repair services we offer for this Mac. You can have us take the machine in for evaluation, or book a fixed-price repair if you already know what the fault is and the service is listed below for services without parts, please see the relevant tab on this page for compatible parts that we sell.

If you know what the fault is, but we don't have a fixed-price repair listed below, please contact us for a quote. At Your location Macupgrades offers a wide range of on-site services for your Apple equipment. All our engineers have at least 15 years of experience with Apple hardware and software Fixed price on-site upgrades and repairs Full liability insurance Full details of on-site services. Serial Number Search Enter your serial number into the box below for specific upgrades for your machine.

Serial Number: How to find your serial number in software You can find your Mac's serial number in Apple System Profiler: If you can't boot your Mac If your Mac is not working, the serial number is printed on the computer casing but the location varies. Unibody MacBook Pro - Laser etched onto the base. Remove battery to locate. To lift keyboard, pull back on the release tabs between the F-keys. Mac mini - On the underside of the Mac mini. Mac Pro - On rear of machine near graphics card ports.

PowerMac G5 - On lower chassis under side panel. To remove side panel, lift lever on rear of Mac. Where is my serial number? Disks can be mounted and read, but movie playback requires third party software. Internal Open the side of the case by using the release bar at the rear of the machine. Replace drive and reconnect power and data cables.

These drives run at 7, RPM and provide excellent speed for almost every application. Installation Services 3. The AGP card is a really easy install. Docking Stations 3. Complete Machines - Refurbished Any complete machines of this type or similar that we have for sale are listed here. Repair Services for this Mac Here are the various repair services we offer for this Mac. All offers Exclude Errors and Omissions. Company number Website powered by osCommerce.

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Powermac G5 Upgrades. Blu-Ray is not fully supported in OSX. Apple Airport Extreme Card refurb. Cherry Strait 3. USB 3 to 2. Screwdriver Set - 20mm Phillips 00, 0, 1 - Flat 1. Anti Static Wrist Strap. Startech USB 3. Mac Repair - Evaluation Service.